The most common signup forms you find on websites are inline forms. Those are the ones that are embedded to website pages, blog posts, sidebars, or footers. Unlike popup forms they appear as natural part of the web page and are displayed at all times.

How can you embed such an inline form to your website? By adding two code snippets. 

It's easier than you think. Let me prove it to you!

Start with creating an inline form. This help center article walks you through the steps of how to create and customize your form.

At the end of the form customization steps you will get two code snippets. It will look something like the below image. You need to add these codes to your Squarespace website so that the form gets displayed and your subscribers can sign up.

Note: both the so called header code and the inline code has to be added to your website. It is not enough to add only one of them.

How to add the Header code to your Squarespace website

Within Squarespace go to Settings > Advanced > Code injection and then paste the Flodesk header code to the Header section.

How to add the Inline code to your Squarespace website

The inline code snippet needs to be added where you want the form to appear on the page.
Add a blank section on your page, then edit it.
Add a < / > code block to this blank section—see below screenshot—and paste the Flodesk inline code here.
Click apply and save your changes.
Refresh your page and the form should appear on your page.

One of our amazing members made a tutorial to walk you through the whole process. You can watch it here: 

Let's sum it up

How to add an inline form to your Squarespace website:
To embed an inline form to your Squarespace website you have to add both the header code and the inline code to your website.

Add the header code to the the Header section under Settings > Advanced > Code injection. 

The inline code goes to a < / > code block on the page where you want the form to appear.

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