Flodesk allows you to send beautiful emails as one-offs or as steps in a workflow. Here's how to add your beautiful email creations to your workflow.

You can either Duplicate an existing email or Create new email.

Duplicate an existing email

This allows you to choose any email you've created in your My Emails area and pull it into your workflow as a copy with the Make a copy button.

Important: when you select Duplicate an existing email, the email that gets pulled into your workflow is an instance or clone of the email you chose. 

This means that if you decide to edit the email pulled into your workflow by clicking the "Edit" button in the right-hand settings panel, you will be editing the clone of your original email, and these changes will not affect the original email you duplicated. 

Additionally, if you edit the original email in your My Emails area, this will not affect your new workflow email

Each must be edited separately:

  • the original email in the My Emails area, or 

  • the new workflow email via the workflow email editor. 

Click the Edit button on your workflow email thumbnail preview to edit a workflow email:

Create new email 

  • This allows you to create a new email from a template or from scratch, just like you would in the My Emails area. 

Important: your workflow emails are autosaved to your workflow but not to your My Emails area. 

If you'd like to save your workflow email creation for future use, click the heart icon in the top-left corner of the workflow email builder to save the email to your favorites. 

You will then be able to access it from the template library under the "My favorites" tab in both the My Emails > Create new flow and the workflow editor when you select the Create new email button in the Send Email workflow step.

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