Flodesk gives you powerful control over segmenting your audience using workflows. 

The Action step allows you to add and remove subscribers from segments based on their behavior in your workflow. You may also move subscribers from one segment to another. 

You can set up the following actions within your workflow:

Add subscribers to segment(s)

This action will add a subscriber to one or more segments that you specify.

Use case inspiration: If you'd like to segment a subscriber based on a link they clicked in an email, add an Add subscribers to segment(s) action step under the "Yes" branch of the link clicked condition. 

For example, if you are a wine vendor and you'd like to segment your list based on whether they prefer red wine, white wine, or bubbly, send a fun quiz-type email out in your workflow asking which type of wine they love best—with separate buttons for red, white, and bubbly. 

You can then use a condition to check which button they clicked using the link clicked condition, then segment the subscriber based on the preference. 

You could then follow up with the subscribers in each segment at a later date with a coupon for their favorite type of drink!

Remove subscribers from segment(s)

This action will remove a subscriber from one or more segments that you specify. 

Moving a subscriber from one segment to another

You can use two action steps in a row to move a subscriber between segments.

Use case inspiration: let's say you have a subscriber in the segment Welcome sequence and you'd like to move them out of Welcome sequence into Sales sequence. Simply create an Add subscribers to segment(s) action step to add them to Sales sequence, then create a Remove subscribers from segment(s) action step to make sure they are no longer in Welcome sequence. The result will look something like this:

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