If you've created a full page form, chances are you've shared it with your audience on social media or other platforms around the web. You've probably also noticed that your form shows up with the default Flodesk Opengraph preview, which looks like this:

Your full page form is hosted for free on Flodesk and we currently do not offer an option to customize this preview. However, you can work around this preview by:

  • Taking a screenshot of your full-page form
  • Pasting the screenshot into your social media post as an image
  • Adding the URL link to the post beneath the image
  • Deleting the automatically generated preview

After following these steps, you'll have a beautiful post linking to your form:

Additionally, Flodesk will be adding landing pages to our product line-up in the near future which will give you a fuller range of customization options for your page's display!

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